We help organizations – commercial and public – to create an internet of things we all benefit from.

As a foundation it's our goal to increase the awareness about ethical dilemmas in the development of internet connected products and services. In the coming time we'll be developing tools for professionals in the field of IoT to addresss these dilemmas.

In 2015 we launched the IoT Design Manifesto. This foundation builds on these principles and aims to transform them into actionable standards for a broader audience to work with.

Until the toolkit becomes available, we can help your organization with presentations to raise awereness and workshops to get handson experience in dealing with the ethical aspects of IoT

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Marcel Schouwenaar, President

Anner Tiete, Vice-President

Holly Robbins, Secretary

Harm van Beek, Treasurer

Jan Belon, Board member


Find us at our exhibition on responsible design for IoT at Dutch Design Week (22 - 30 Oct, Eindhoven)

Why does my refrigerator know my birthday?

When your products communicate with each other based on your personal data, they are part of a giant network of connected 'things': the Internet of Things (IoT). Those things become 'smart' devices with the advantage of offering consumers new services, more efficiency. However, we first have to ask ourselves how do these objects work, and do they do so in a way that we’re comfortable with?

IoT certainly opens the door to a lot of opportunities, but also to many design challenges like privacy, security and business-model issues. This exhibition guides you through the principles for responsible design within IoT products. We show you real-life best practices as well as newly commissioned speculative products illustrating how balanced and honest design can be done in this field.

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